Virtual Choir Information

This is a chance for our children to have an opportunity to sing for us.  What we need to do is the following:

1. Play the song video below 'softly' in the background on a separate device.  BE SURE TO HAVE THE CHILDREN COUNT OFF THE SONG with me before they sing. If you play the song, you'll hear me counting.  Tell them to "Count with Steve". This helps me line up the different children singing.

2.  Video the children (including the countdown) on another device (phone, ipad, etc) and share that file with me (  If you can email it, that's fine but typically these are too large to email so google drive, iCloud, or dropbox work.

I'll take it from there.  It is OK if you watch it and hear the music in the background but please make sure that the piano/flute recording is quieter than the children singing!

That's it!  THANKS!


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